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Our company specializes in sales of fitness equipment and designing gyms in every manner. Whether you are refurbishing an existing gym and upgrading exercise equipment to all new, top of the line gym machinery, or if you are starting to build a gym from the ground up with brand new fitness equipment, we have the expertise, experience, and exercise equipment you need. Based out of Tampa, Florida, our organization provides free consultations with prospective clients to explain the ways we can help them cost effectively attain a top of the line gym while emphasizing the necessary maintenance and safety precautions our clients will need to consider.


Sales of Fitness Equipment in Tampa


Our business is partnered with some of the most reputable, high quality manufacturers of fitness equipment in Tampa as well as throughout the country. By working with multiple manufacturers, we are able to provide our clients with a wide selection of top of the line gym machinery to suit their tastes and needs.


Our clients consist of a wide variety of businesses and individuals. A non-exhaustive list of the types of organizations we work with include:


  • Schools/Universities
  • Corporate Gyms
  • Fortune 500 Companies
  • Apartments/Condos
  • Hospitals
  • Country Clubs
  • Police/Fire Departments
  • City Recreation Facilities
  • Builders/Developers
  • Celebrities


Services for Exercise Equipment: Maintenance & Consultations


In addition to focusing on sales of fitness equipment, our company also focuses on consultations with clients who are interested in building gyms and need to know about exercise equipment placement. In our free consultations, our consultants go over space planning, flooring, video and audio needs, installation requirements and technicalities, as well as making fitness equipment recommendations based on the client’s needs.


Once a plan is established and exercise equipment has been selected and installed, we offer maintenance packages. This means we come into your business regularly to service the fitness equipment and ensure it is safe and in working order. Having us maintain your fitness equipment ensures that it will last a long time and will eliminate needs for repairs and excess liability of your organization.


Gym Equipment Budgeting


Our organization understands that gym equipment is expensive, and we work within any budget. We have easy financing plans, and we offer the most competitive prices for high quality exercise equipment. For refurbished gyms, we also offer the option to trade in used equipment when upgrading. Finally, because we are partnered with a selection of manufacturers, we are able to offer package deals for gym machinery that bring the prices down lower than any other dealer around.


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